day three hundred sixty five

this is the last photo for my 365 project. one entire year documented in photos. it's crazy how much malcolm has changed in these past twelve months. click here to go to the very first post. the other night i took some time to click through the first few months (in reverse), and was reminded of each particular day/stage in his life. i am really happy that i chose to do this blog. it has been challenging, especially on days when he didn't want his picture taken, or i didn't feel like taking any photos, but i am glad i will always have it to look back on. i don't plan on doing this again, but i am trying to decide on another fun way to keep this blog going... so in the meantime, keeping following along. i hope you have enjoyed it, as i have, and thank you for taking the time to visit each day :)


day 359

happy third birthday!

(this should technically be my last post, but since i missed a handful of days in november, and maybe a couple others here and there, i still have a few more days to go. thank you for sharing this past year with us)